Introduction: Implementation of android.hardware.camera2 package
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Implementation of android.hardware.camera2 package base on SampleOpenGLPlayer that uses GLSurfaceView, Surface of SurfaceTexture.

How SampleCamera2 works?

Step 1: Create GLSurfaceView for camera2 required EGL environment
Step 2: Create Surface from SurfaceTexture
Step 3: Request CameraManager service, find camera ID (1st only) and open camera device
Step 4: Create capture request builder for preview. Add Surface to target.
Step 5: Create capture session for preview
Step 6: Send preview request to start preview
Step 7: onFrameAvailable() inform texture update of preview
Step 8: SurfaceTexture update texture image in context of GLSurfaceView.Renderer.onDrawFrame()
Step 9: Fragment shader draw preview texture (samplerExternalOES)

How to test?

Step 1: Select "Preview" in top-right menu
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